Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dresses from pretty fabrics

Worked on some different styles of pillowcase dresses this weekend, from a bunch of different sites online and I noticed that everyone has different ideas for sizing, armholes, length, width, fabrics and shoulder ties.  With elastic, without, etc...

I tried a classic style basic unlined version I'd made for my grandaughter a couple years back and then I tried a panel front dress using techniques from another great blog and then finally settled on figuring out my own way of making one with a lining sewn in that takes care of the armholes and shoulder ties all in one.  I added a hidden casing in the front and back for the elastic and am finally happy with the results.

Have not decided yet how to start the new week.
Either a quilt or more dresses.
Either way I'm at the sewing machine and that's a good thing.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Apple Jacks n' Jelly Rolls ....

Sounds like another breakfast post no?

I'll call this what it is, an "impulse" buy.

Finally have it, my first jelly roll ever.
And it's Apple Jack because I fell head over tea kettle for the prints.

I had to have it.  Didn't know why. Didn't have a definative plan at the time and furthermore, I don't know what I am going to do with it now that I have it.

I DO know, I'm not unwrapping it until I have a good idea or at least a general direction -

So yes. Impulsive.  Very fitting word at the moment.
Suffice to say, it might be a while before I follow up on this particular item/project.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Finish it Friday

I don't know how to officially join a finish it Friday list or group but I'm listing mine here today because I just completed the quilt I mentioned wanting to start yesterday with the Rachel Ashwell and Mary Rose cotton prints =)

So here it is and it is now listed in my NCsewingNook Etsy store and as always, fingers crossed that someone loves it as much as I do...

I've started getting back into the shabby roses mood again - Big time.
Have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Yes, that's right - cheesecake !
(and a new stash of shabby fabrics)
Boy if that didn't just perk up my mood and make my Valentine's Day that much sweeter!

I just got some wonderful girly floral fabrics in and some white swiss dot & ruffled cotton too so my plan is to make a shabby, baby rag quilt.

FIRST though....
There is the pressing matter of this cheesecake I made last night.
Now when it comes to cheesecakes, I like mine thick, dense and on the dry side.

I'm a little weird in a way as I don't much like berry topping and mostly prefer eating it plain, no toppings.   However, I do have some Trader Joe's lemon curd and for me it adds just the right amount of tartness to balance out the sweetness of the vanilla in the cake.

I'm going to be doing a cheesecake post and tutorial in March.
My mum is coming down for a visit and I know she is a cheesecake nut like me so it will be a nice treat for her  =)

Have a most wonderful and crafty day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Just call me curmudgeon today

Oh irritable and disgusted and whatever else fits the bill.

I'm so happy with the way the quilt top turned out which makes the heartbreak of the backside all the more pronounced.

Maybe I should have done my homework and a little more research before going off all hap hazzard and purchasing 108" width muslin from the Hobby Lobby. 
Should have used Moda maybe?
I don't know. 
But I'm completely turned off with the whole muslin for quilt backing thing.

In all the times I ever saw it mentioned in question form, folks seemed to like muslin for the most part.  Not once (and this is where I should have done more nosing around) had anyone said a word about pilling.  LORD did this stuff pill like MAD after washing and drying.

I just can't get the stuff off the back well enough to sell the finished blanket in good faith.  I'd hoped to sell it and complete my stash I'm building for my next quilt. (insert heavy sigh here)

For now, I'm not using muslin as a backing ever again.  If anyone - anyone - has any input, advice, experience or a story to share regarding this issue please feel free to contribute.  I'm at a loss and the pilling just pulled the wind from my sails.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Really nice site for Fabrics!

I know I said I'd try and post some pictures Monday, of the newest rag quilt I'm starting - along with a link to the wonderful site from which I bought some of the fabric I'm using for it.

Trouble with that is you never know what tomorrow may bring.
So I'm a couple of days late but I do have a few pics to share showing the three fabrics I purchased from her, along with the few fabrics I had on hand that I thought would blend just wonderfully to make a cute rag quilt in blues and yellows...

These are the fabrics I purchased (at $4.00 per yard each because she's having a sale!)

Then I added a few from my own stash...

and these are what I'll be working with if I don't end up adding a couple more prints before all is said and done ;)
You may want to head on over there real quick before her fabrics are picked clean ;)
She not only has the sale fabrics but others as well along with patterns and thread etc
Really nice lady over there in TN, visit Diane today over at Pumpkin Creek Fabrics

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Finish it Friday-Post it Saturday

I actually finished this quilt yesterday (Friday) but the wind was so incredibly strong, if the quilt had grommets I could have strung it up the flag pole out front and it would have flown no problem ;)

So "finish it friday but post it Saturday" applies in this case.
I almost thought I would not be able to get pictures of it today either because of how bright the sun was shining all morning but by early this afternoon I glanced up from the ironing board and saw it had changed to perfect overcast conditions.

Now at around quarter past 3 here on the East coast, the sun is bright once more and it looks like I hit that window of photographic opportunity just right (yayyyy)
So here is what I did with the Snap Pop and the pattern I used from the tutorial at Samelia's Mum's blog page....

I'm spending the rest of the afternoon cutting more fabrics I bought from a lovely woman in TN.
I'll post some progress pics and a link to her store as well sometime Monday if I get a chance =)