Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Some bunny's been busy making wabbits

I am alone quite a bit during the day, I don't chat on the phone or linger over tea and a book (though if I ever get back to it, I'm almost finished with "proof of Heaven" - awesome read)
- most often times you can find me at the sewing machine or (crushing candy) yes, I'm a crushing candy addict...
This past week I was in the sewing room working on some sweets that are not for crushing or for eating.
When I'm alone, I find that I talk to myself and while making these pretty stuffed bunnies, I chuckled while the sewing machine hummed on and said " Shhh,,,,  be vewwy vewwy qwyet.  I'm sewing wabbits" (in my best Elmer Fudd voice)  Yeah, I probably am going a little cwazy.

I've finished several different ones, four are in French postal cloth.
The rest are simple mixed florals.

Friday, April 11, 2014

What I've been doing in my dissappearance...

It gets somewhat discouraging to post to a blog and not have feedback so I go into my own little world and ignore it thinking - if nobody is reading the thoughts or seeing the triumphs and failures then why share.

Needless to say, I have the blog so I'll come back to it for now and update what I've been up to since the holidays.
I made and sold this pretty muted roses rag quilt on Etsy...

And I have since finished a six and a half foot square Spring blooms - colorful "window pane" style rag quilt along with a baby-sized version as well - Both are up on Etsy, hopefully they'll sell soon and brighten up someone's bedrooms with their cheerful and bold colors...
Designer Fabrics Large 6+1/2 foot square Rag Quilt Throw NEW Ready 2 ship Free U.S. shipping Spring Summer Flowers Romantic Colorful

Spring Summer Flowers Bright Vivid Colorful BABY Rag Quilt 31" x 31" Throw NEW Ready 2 ship Free U.S. shipping

Thoughts of Easter and bunnies entered my mind this year - even before Winter's chill had finished it's visits.  Particularly, Beatrix Potter's Bunnies and animals.
So I printed out my muslins and batistes and stitched up some sweet pillows and even a bunting for a baby's room...  Also on Etsy.
3pc SET Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Benjamin Bunny Pennant Banner 5' Bunting & Pillows Baby Room Easter Spring Decor

Tried my hand at some piping and love how it turned out.
I'll be doing that more often ;)

Cotton Decorative Pillow Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit Benjamin Flopsy Bunny Baby Room Easter Spring Decor

Even made some cute little glass magnets in this theme and will be selling those at the local Art Festival this month. I'm nervous - even though I sold some on Etsy already, I'm hoping the locals like them,  I don't really feel like I fit in with the "artist" crowd and want them to feel comfortable having me join them on that day.
Vintage Storybook Bunnies Rabbits SET of 5 Handmade Glass Marble Fridge Magnets ready to ship Easter

I've also listed a metal stamping kit on Etsy incase you know of anyone who may be interested. I used it once as explained in the description over there - and am selling it for less than what I paid plus offering free shipping inside the U.S.  - it is Jeannie 4mm lowercase, with block and hammer.

FREE U.S. Shipping ImpressArt 4mm Lowercase Jeanie Alphabet Metal Stamp Set plus Hammer & Bench Block - used once

I've been up to so much more than this - yesterday I went out for an oil change and ended up also getting a tooth surgically removed - fun.  (not)  And today I helped my 14 year old daughter work on some bottle necklaces she's been wanting to try.  I will get a picture of them and put that up here tomorrow if possible.  I think they came out great - she is wanting to sit with me at the festival and sell them but I think she'll sell them all even before the festival to the kids at school.  Very happy she has an interest in cooking and crafting (squee) ...
 OK, I have a few pictures ready from the bottle necklaces she finished.  She's already sold about 5 since listing them on her FB to her friends =)