Friday, May 10, 2013

A Friday Full of Scotties (finish them up Friday;)

WOW what a crazy craaayyaazzyy two or three weeks it's been around here!

I finally finished another floraly (is that a word?) beautifully romantic rag quilt I'd been hankering to get to on the heels of finishing the hunter's quilt for the fundraiser - and in enough time to rest before my pattern arrived so I could start on little scotties (also for the fundraiser - and even after in my Etsy shop;) 

I finished my first one just in this last hour...

 This one measures about 7" x 8" I hand stitched him closed at the top/back to see how that would work but I think I'll stitch the others closed at the tummy.

Not sure what price I'm going to mark them at for the fair. 
What do you think?

The latest romantic rag quilt (available in my Etsy store):


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Busy happenings and a raffle quilt

 Ive been quite busy with household hazards and the death of my washer followed by my dryer and thinking of things to make for a craft fair table plus finishing a quilt for a raffle...

To allow the kids in the high school marching band to travel and compete, expenses must be taken care of and in a tight economy, our band's boosters and the band kids themselves as well as parents and faculty have been contributing their time and talents where and whenever possible.

I've had to pass on actual purchasing of fundraiser items here and there but I can sew and have fabric so this next fundraiser is right up my alley...

The 18th of this month, we will be at a craft fair/flea market in Landis which is being hosted by the boosters.  I'll have a table and along with corn-filled boo boo cold packs, lavender filled items and other fabric wares, I will be showcasing and selling raffle tickets for the newest Hunter's themed quilt I've made before and sold with great success.

I didn't want to chance the ticket sales tally to only those passing by that day - so I have enlisted the help of my husband since many of the guys he works with hunt and might appreciate something like this - handmade, rustic and only $5.00 per chance.

This quilt is 67" x 59+1/2"
It is about 10" smaller on either side than the one I sold for $300.
However, this one is not merely backed with a solid flannel like the first one, this one has a light antler print on flannel by Wade Butler for Wilmington Prints. 

I get nothing Proceeds or fee-wise in return for it but the satisfaction of knowing I tried to contribute in whatever way I could and these kids are really committed to their band and teacher. 
I call them the little band that could.

Below are pictures of the original larger quilt.
I might use these pictures if I can't get good weather to take new ones of the latest quilt
but the lighting was great that day I took these and there really is no difference except the size,
placement of pattern and a slightly more expensive light antler print flannel on the backside.
All the same fabrics were used - no other prints.
 Complete Description follows the pictures below

  • Perfect for gift giving to the outdoorsman in your life or nice addition to the vacation cottage or hunting cabin ;)
  • The fabrics on the topside are as shown: quality quilting cottons of complimenting colors and prints in outdoor/hunting season/nature themes including a brown/white tonal featuring bucks/deer.
  • A rich caramel-coffee colored batik with the appearence of Fall leaves.
  • A tree-bark print, golden and caramel tall grass mixed with white and also a nice fall green and brown camo print with branches.
  • Backside is a light antler print flannel.
  • Sandwiched between each square's top and backside layers will be a single layer of natural bamboo batting...
  • It will come to you folded & tied with a raggy strip of matching camo printed cotton.
  • I hand-cut each piece of fabric and batting that went into this quilt and hand-snipped each and every cut -
  • Tight stitching at the seams and around the edges was done with strong poly thread for durability "