Friday, May 10, 2013

A Friday Full of Scotties (finish them up Friday;)

WOW what a crazy craaayyaazzyy two or three weeks it's been around here!

I finally finished another floraly (is that a word?) beautifully romantic rag quilt I'd been hankering to get to on the heels of finishing the hunter's quilt for the fundraiser - and in enough time to rest before my pattern arrived so I could start on little scotties (also for the fundraiser - and even after in my Etsy shop;) 

I finished my first one just in this last hour...

 This one measures about 7" x 8" I hand stitched him closed at the top/back to see how that would work but I think I'll stitch the others closed at the tummy.

Not sure what price I'm going to mark them at for the fair. 
What do you think?

The latest romantic rag quilt (available in my Etsy store):



  1. Both are so very pretty. I love those romantic fabrics - and I've never seen a rag quilt with anything other than the standard X quilting. Very nice.

  2. Thank you very much, the starburst is something I doodled on the back of a receipt while waiting for my daughter's school bus to arrive one afternoon. I'd noticed that a quilt I'd made and given to a relative had squares of batting that had rolled in on themselves where the squares were not stitched! Because the backing was so light I was able to notice it and I wanted to come up with a way never to sell a blanket with rolled batting - hence the starburst. The hunter's quilt further below has the traditional x because I just didn't feel it would look good with the starburst but I paid attention at the seams to try and ensure no rolling batting ;) Have a great weekend!

  3. Christin, I love the quilting you added! I Might have to try to add it to one of my quilts. It looks easy enough to do. I am on the beginning end of machine quilting my own quilts using my domestic machine. Mostly I have just used my walking foot. Thanks for sharing your great finishes. janita


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