Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Chalk Painting and Wreaths... Love these Summer Projects

After the cupcake phase, I dabbled in a bit of chalk paint.   Wet my toes (so to speak) painting some bottles, dressed them up and put them on Etsy.
After that I went to making Summer wreaths which were really fun, very fulfilling - albeit extremely time consuming.

Something called me back to the chalk paint.
I don't want to start distressing anything just yet.
It's really that I love the matte finish and texture of chalk paint.

After wrestling with different types of paint and amounts of plaster and lots of experimenting with pastels and bold bright colors, I've finished two vintage ladder back chairs with chalk paint and fabrics...  One I painted a mint green and the other a pale yellow.

Gearing up for the next outdoor show and fairs,
I have a pretty good bit of inventory.

The chairs (along with a child's vintage solid walnut school desk and chair set were added to my Square Market Place Store and are available for purchase with local pickup)

These are the bottles I finished.  Everyone picks them up and says "oh how pretty" and then puts them back down.   I don't think at $7.00 each I have them priced too high.  I might have to rethink that though.

And finally, a few of the wreaths - all large, all available through my Etsy store =)

P.S. ....  If you like what you see, put a pin on it ;)