Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back To School Time

Whoa there!  Did I fall off the face of the bloggasphere for a while again or what?
Yes I did - and it has been a busy trip!

Since my last post I've finished some new projects and the kids are back in school.

That stash of fabrics in butterflies and blues from my last post at the end of July? 
I added to it and finally made a blanket and later a dresser scarf/table runner to go with it.
Currently running on Etsy - I swear it is so pretty I've been tempted on more than one occasion to hoard it for my very own (selfish - selfish I know)


I did another blanket or two, including another baby blanket - rag quilt style -
with cupcakes on the back...  Also on Etsy =)

Some floral raggy tote bag/shoulder bags...
Both have outer pocket, inner large snap pockets and credit card pockets
and both have a simple snap to close.
I've been bouncing them back and forth between Etsy and eBay -
admittedly trying for a quicker sale to help with the school neccessities but no bites yet....
Does the blue one look like a diaper bag to you? (That's what one of my daughters told me)
Either way, I think it's cute and if it doesn't sell, I'll keep it for myself.  (maybe)

and some Fall table runners and a couple of Halloween totes

Sold the one on the top on eBay for the starting bid.
Not really worth the trouble or time & materials so I stopped at the second one here with the neon dots and witches.
I don't have it listed again yet.

the table runners mind you?
Were made from a quilt I started about 5 years ago and never got around to finishing stitching the rows together.  I figured it would be too small to be a good throw size so table runners are what they ended up being.
This one here with the 4 rows is up on Etsy and the one on the bottom with  3 rows & less
fluff sold on eBay already.

Today, I'm not really doing much of anything with all the running around that has been going
on for the first week of school  ((whew))
Soon I'll be sewing more Halloween things, Christmas blankets and gifts.
Hope your Autumn start is coming along nicely!