Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day cooking and finishing another chalk paint project

So the Macaroni is boiling for Mom's macaroni salad and I've just finished sealing the last coat of chalk paint on this latest project so that I can start weaving a fabric seat.

I bought this at a consignment shop a few weeks back for about 6 dollars.

This little rocker is wider than the average  just under 2 feet tall.
Really it looks like a planter and not something that even a toddler could sit on.
The seat was crusted with years of dust and it was very brittle.

So after stripping and cleaning it, I painted it a pale sunny yellow like one of my earlier ladder back chairs.

Now that the paint and sealer have been applied, it is ready for the new fabric seat.
First however, the cooking must continue ;)

Thanks to all of those who serve and have served to keep our nation free.
Happy Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day Cookout: Pulled Chicken

Memorial Day weekend and I'm preparing a few dishes with mothers in mind.
My mother: I'll be making her macaroni salad (recipe to come shortly)
Mother in law: I'll be making her slaw (recipe to come shortly)
and pulled chicken. That one's mine and I'm a mother who's sharing it with you right now.
  Wicked easy (yankee term)

In your crock pot place 2/3 to a whole bag (3lb bag) of frozen skinless, boneless chicken breasts.
3 Tablespoons of Stubbs Hickory Liquid Smoke
2 heaping Tablespoons of minced garlic in olive oil
2 Tablespoons onion powder
2 chicken bullion cubes
and just enough water to cover the chicken.
Set on low and slow cook overnight or for at least 12 hours.
*(if using fresh or unfrozen chicken you can drop that cook time down as needed)

Drain and shred, store covered or serve while warm.
By itself or on a bun, with or without bbq or hot sauce.