Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall is knocking at the door...

Especially in the evenings.
The weatherman says gone are the 90 degree days and fast approaching is a colorful Autumn with a nice crisp chill in the air.

Sounds good =)

And with that comes some volunteering for the band.
Selling donuts and this weekend, some kind of county fair activity involiving a chicken.

Meanwhile, I've been staining my fingernails and skin (not on purpose) by tea-dying and baking up a mess of primitive and cheery sunflowers and pumpkins.

Even tried my hand at painting a Ball mason jar with some chalk paint and it just seemed natural to add the flowers I'd finished.

 So then I made some larger sunflowers and finished a cute Fall wreath
and next I'll be finishing a watering can with - yep, more sunflowers and a crow....