Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall is knocking at the door...

Especially in the evenings.
The weatherman says gone are the 90 degree days and fast approaching is a colorful Autumn with a nice crisp chill in the air.

Sounds good =)

And with that comes some volunteering for the band.
Selling donuts and this weekend, some kind of county fair activity involiving a chicken.

Meanwhile, I've been staining my fingernails and skin (not on purpose) by tea-dying and baking up a mess of primitive and cheery sunflowers and pumpkins.

Even tried my hand at painting a Ball mason jar with some chalk paint and it just seemed natural to add the flowers I'd finished.

 So then I made some larger sunflowers and finished a cute Fall wreath
and next I'll be finishing a watering can with - yep, more sunflowers and a crow....


  1. What a pretty and cute work! It's really lovely...the su flower's crown it's really pretty!!
    Have a happy Auttumn! Best wishes.

    1. Thank you kindly <3 I will most likely end up taking all of them and the items I'm working on now, with me to the indoor craft show coming up on November 9th. I'll take pictures because I'm playing around with the display area more now since I won't be using a tent ;)


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