About me

I am a wife, mom and grandmother, living in North Carolina,
 who loves to try new things relating to anything crafty, edible or fabric.
Sewing, embroidering, digitizing, quilting, photography, baking, decorating you name it.

I spend most of my time sewing new things, trying new and - to me - scary things
like binding, quilting, and puff pastry Oh my!

This blog is a way for me to share just as others do because it is so important to feel that
connection.  Without it, I'd be attached at the hip to my sewing room only and not
be able to delight in the celebration of creativeness that is the crafting community.

So to all of you I say thanks, keep enjoying whatever of life's pleasures 
that time allows and above all, have fun stitching, crafting, 
cooking, baking, mothering, scrapping and whatever else it is you do!  
                                                   God Bless!

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