Cooking Adventures

Ok, so today is Belgian waffle day and I have started the process off swimmingly.
(translation: I've not yet set fire to the kitchen, cut myself or broken any glass ;)
Started off by getting my ingredients ready - as per the recipe I found at "All Recipes" -
for the "Best Belgian Waffle Mix Recipe" (We'll see)

Butter, eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla etc...

Warm milk and yeast...

Mixed the batter, folded in the whipped egg-whites and waited the full hour for the batter to rise

Ok. I lied.  I waited a half hour
- the strawberries and whipped cream were beckoning like mad!
(oh lose the smirk.  You've been there too and you know it)

Then I oiled the new waffle iron,
pre-heated and poured a cup of batter in the center.

     They say 3 minutes or until the steam is gone...
      I'm living proof that there are exceptions to every rule.
     For some reason, here in my house, the space-time-continuum   does not exist...
(yes, it looks funny but I checked the spelling on Google: continu - um)

See, here in my kitchen,
one minute 25 seconds = fluffy Belgian waffle 

3 minutes = a garden stepping stone.

And there you have it.
My momentary fancy = Belgian Waffles... 
Task Complete.
I'm thinking cupcakes.  Or maybe back to the sewing machine...
Then again, those over-done waffles have me wanting to purchase some actual concrete -
as I'm fancying a stepping stone endeavor now as well ;)