Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fake Cupcake Frenzy

Fake Bake Strawberry "cupcake" photo prop
My work area, usually neat with a few scraps here
and there, has been taken over with all sorts of mediums that I normally don't work with.

 Trial, error, eye-rolling, leaving and coming back to the task to try and tackle it again in the hopes of some form of success, this is what it has been like for the past 3 days and these are what I have to show for it.

Now, I don't care who you are, where you are from and what tutorials, videos or advice you use when starting an endeavor such as these faux sweets...  There is something left out from each one that leaves you scratching your head and bagging up some wasted materials and time.
 You still need to find your own way and I am still trying to find my road to near perfection.
   Pretty though - no?  (the smaller ones are ornaments with loops to hang from ribbon)

The pink ones have painted red wooden balls for cherries and a dusting of glitter...
faux strawberry cupcakes
The yellow ones have white plaster dogwood blossoms with yellow centers and glitter...

Fake Lemon Cupcakes and mini cupcake ornaments

And the very first ones I made, have pale blue "frosting" with a dusting of glitter and some clear snowflakes...
Frozen in time - Fake glittered snowflake cupcakes