Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Some bunny's been busy making wabbits

I am alone quite a bit during the day, I don't chat on the phone or linger over tea and a book (though if I ever get back to it, I'm almost finished with "proof of Heaven" - awesome read)
- most often times you can find me at the sewing machine or (crushing candy) yes, I'm a crushing candy addict...
This past week I was in the sewing room working on some sweets that are not for crushing or for eating.
When I'm alone, I find that I talk to myself and while making these pretty stuffed bunnies, I chuckled while the sewing machine hummed on and said " Shhh,,,,  be vewwy vewwy qwyet.  I'm sewing wabbits" (in my best Elmer Fudd voice)  Yeah, I probably am going a little cwazy.

I've finished several different ones, four are in French postal cloth.
The rest are simple mixed florals.

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