Saturday, February 2, 2013

Finish it Friday-Post it Saturday

I actually finished this quilt yesterday (Friday) but the wind was so incredibly strong, if the quilt had grommets I could have strung it up the flag pole out front and it would have flown no problem ;)

So "finish it friday but post it Saturday" applies in this case.
I almost thought I would not be able to get pictures of it today either because of how bright the sun was shining all morning but by early this afternoon I glanced up from the ironing board and saw it had changed to perfect overcast conditions.

Now at around quarter past 3 here on the East coast, the sun is bright once more and it looks like I hit that window of photographic opportunity just right (yayyyy)
So here is what I did with the Snap Pop and the pattern I used from the tutorial at Samelia's Mum's blog page....

I'm spending the rest of the afternoon cutting more fabrics I bought from a lovely woman in TN.
I'll post some progress pics and a link to her store as well sometime Monday if I get a chance =)

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  1. Your quilt is lovely, Christine! Can't wait to see your rag quilt! Tennessee Hugs, Diane


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