Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Really nice site for Fabrics!

I know I said I'd try and post some pictures Monday, of the newest rag quilt I'm starting - along with a link to the wonderful site from which I bought some of the fabric I'm using for it.

Trouble with that is you never know what tomorrow may bring.
So I'm a couple of days late but I do have a few pics to share showing the three fabrics I purchased from her, along with the few fabrics I had on hand that I thought would blend just wonderfully to make a cute rag quilt in blues and yellows...

These are the fabrics I purchased (at $4.00 per yard each because she's having a sale!)

Then I added a few from my own stash...

and these are what I'll be working with if I don't end up adding a couple more prints before all is said and done ;)
You may want to head on over there real quick before her fabrics are picked clean ;)
She not only has the sale fabrics but others as well along with patterns and thread etc
Really nice lady over there in TN, visit Diane today over at Pumpkin Creek Fabrics

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