Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Just call me curmudgeon today

Oh irritable and disgusted and whatever else fits the bill.

I'm so happy with the way the quilt top turned out which makes the heartbreak of the backside all the more pronounced.

Maybe I should have done my homework and a little more research before going off all hap hazzard and purchasing 108" width muslin from the Hobby Lobby. 
Should have used Moda maybe?
I don't know. 
But I'm completely turned off with the whole muslin for quilt backing thing.

In all the times I ever saw it mentioned in question form, folks seemed to like muslin for the most part.  Not once (and this is where I should have done more nosing around) had anyone said a word about pilling.  LORD did this stuff pill like MAD after washing and drying.

I just can't get the stuff off the back well enough to sell the finished blanket in good faith.  I'd hoped to sell it and complete my stash I'm building for my next quilt. (insert heavy sigh here)

For now, I'm not using muslin as a backing ever again.  If anyone - anyone - has any input, advice, experience or a story to share regarding this issue please feel free to contribute.  I'm at a loss and the pilling just pulled the wind from my sails.



  1. try removing the pilling by combing the surface with a fine comb and snipping the blobs with small sharp scissors. It will take a lot of time and patience.

    Sorry, I don't know of an easy way to do this. I hope this works for you.

    Next time prewash that fabric first and you will see problems like this before you use it in your quilt.

    Good luck.
    Cathy in Kansas

  2. Thanks Cathy, I appreciate the input =) I normally don't prewash any fabrics that will go into the making of a rag quilt because I know that the shrinking and ragging that happens from the washing and drying after completion is what makes the quilt's look complete. Never had a problem with cottons or even flannels but that muslin - boy oh boy ;)


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