Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Twin quilt not such a "snap" of a project

Big bunches of fabric scrunched and stuffed through the armhole of my home sewing machine is not as fun as one imagines it might be inside thier heads.  I need a larger space in there to work. Maybe its just me but it actually drove me a bit nuts yesterday trying to maneuver so I'm thinking it's time to revert to smaller quilts and rag quilts for now after this one is finished with the binding.

To go along with the post from a couple of days ago, I'd layed the pieces out on the dining room floor and switched them until I was happy.  I kept the bordered solids uniformly placed because it just looked good to everyone who had input ;)
Then stitched them all together and yesterday made the quilt sandwich with muslin backing, warm n white batting and proceeded to wrestle between the quilt and the machine.

When I get the binding done, I'll post a finished photo or two but I don't think it'll be today because the skies are dark and the winds may get up to 45-60mph here in North Carolina and wev'e got some mighty big-mighty old pecan trees and oaks to watch out for.

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