Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dresses from pretty fabrics

Worked on some different styles of pillowcase dresses this weekend, from a bunch of different sites online and I noticed that everyone has different ideas for sizing, armholes, length, width, fabrics and shoulder ties.  With elastic, without, etc...

I tried a classic style basic unlined version I'd made for my grandaughter a couple years back and then I tried a panel front dress using techniques from another great blog and then finally settled on figuring out my own way of making one with a lining sewn in that takes care of the armholes and shoulder ties all in one.  I added a hidden casing in the front and back for the elastic and am finally happy with the results.

Have not decided yet how to start the new week.
Either a quilt or more dresses.
Either way I'm at the sewing machine and that's a good thing.

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