Saturday, March 2, 2013

Finish-it-Friday (night) Post-it-Saturday

Throughout the week I finished another dress and wanted a slouch bag for my trip to Trader Joe's.
I'm always forgetting to bring my bags and I never really get too much of anything to merit one of the big paper bags with handles that they provide (I just really love the place and it's always different so for me it is sort of like a mini amusement park)

Being the penny pincher that I am...
I could not bring myself to pay $10.00 for a pattern - which leaves me standing here in a shroud of hypocrisy - seeing as how I love my own creation so much, I'm thinking of making and selling my own pattern. 

Don't get me wrong, I have bought plenty of patterns both online and in stores and I know folks work hard on them and in my defense, I didn't like the ten dollar pattern because it has a seam down the center of the bag portion and I wanted nice clean seamless panels.

It took all of Thursday and all of Friday, into Friday night at about 10pm which is when I finished the 3rd "prototype".
The first one (shown here in peach, has one single endless strap and it came out nice and looks good but for the work, the third and final try netted me a reversible bag with tie handles.

It also ties shut but I could have used a button & loop, magnetic snap, simple snap - whatever whichever.


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