Friday, September 30, 2016

Autumn is a good time for Cinnamon

I couldn't wait for Christmas time just to make a bunch of wonderfully scented (non-edible) cinnamon ornaments.

And why should they just be for tree ornaments anyway?
Get your Fall cookie cutters out and have at it!

I've got some nice finished acorns & maple leaves to hang in the house and car =)

You'll need:

2 Cups of cinnamon (hint: get it cheaper in the Spanish aisle at your grocery store!)
2 Cups of applesauce (not chunky!) many people use unsweetened, I just grabbed the first big jar I saw.
1+1/2 Tablespoons Apple Pie or Pumpkin Pie Spice
3 Tablespoons of Elmer's white (school) glue.
Rolling pin, cookie sheets, parchment paper (hint: Dollar Tree has parchment paper rolls for $1.00)

When I first started making these, I used a mixer.
I don't do that anymore because the last thing I want is cinnamon dispersed into the air that I'm breathing.      So these days, I use a heavy plastic spoon and mix by hand.

Mix your spice into your cinnamon to get it well blended, add to your applesauce along with the glue and stir slowly until it becomes a ball that rolls easily off the insides of the bowl without leaving any residue...

Sprinkle some cinnamon onto your counter top
 (I use a silicone mat to keep from having to chase my dough mixtures around)

 Place your dough ball onto center and pat into a flattened disc, every now and again you'll have to "flour" your surface as well as your rolling pin - with cinnamon to keep it from sticking to the pin or mat.              

Roll it out to about a quarter inch thickness and press down into dough with your cookie cutters enough to get a good clean cut.

You'll want to do any other cutter designs like the little hearts cut out of some of the gingers you see above as well as holes for hanging later.  I usually transfer my pieces over to my baking sheet that I've already lined with parchment paper before making the holes for hanging.

 The holes are simple if you use a length of plastic drinking straw shorter than a toothpick.

 Simply push down on the straw where you want the hole to be and lift.  99% of the time the dough from the hole will stay in the straw.  To remove it, poke a toothpick down into the straw and continue making your holes this way.  ( if the dough hole is cut but the dough stays on the cookie sheet, just insert the straw back in that spot and squeeze a tiny bit while lifting up )

Bake at 200 degrees f for 2 hours and cool on cooling/cookie racks.

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