Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A new FaceBook Page & Fundraiser Fatique...

Well what's not to say?
Wev'e all been there right?
Sewing and gluing, folding, piecing, crafting to the sound of birds going to sleep and then right on up to the morning songs and sunrise....
Pack up the totes, boxes, crates, after what seems like 10 minutes of sleep the night before.
But it's a Fall/Holiday craft show so surely someone is bound to find something you've made that they just have to have -

Fumble for the car keys, grab the to-go coffee mug - one last frantic look through the doorway...
Wait a minute.  Think....    Do I have everything?
Calculator, receipt book, tape, pins, paper, pen-pencil, sweater, money for change, all the totes, bags, boxes ....?

I must. 
So, lock the door and try driving without taking the corners too fast - crap - forgot something, back I go.  Now I'll be late (when will I learn?)

Ok, back on the road, in a bit of a hurry - mind the speed limit but - hurry!
Wha???  Arghhh!  Took that corner too fast - what the heck was that?
Oh I can't wait to see the rear floor of this vehicle when I get there (yay)

Get in and set up, omg, I still need to label all of these?
I thought I had this priced already?!
Wow, this looked better in my head, maybe if I set it up this way....

Ok, come on people, start arriving.
And, they do.
Doesn't seem to matter if it's a slow day or a good crowd.
We ALL have had those days where people barely give your wares and offerings a second glance as they stride right past and even WORSE - when they pick something up and put it back down just as quickly without looking at another single thing you have in your space!

And the day lags on.
You smile as they pass and if you are anything like me, blurt out things like (make me an offer) or (half off) and the insanity just balloons the closer you get to the end of the show as you see other vendors start to pack it in.  Holding on to those last few moments even though you know it's probably a mute point at that hour of the game.

Tired but still smiling, especially at your fellow vendors and crafters - you pack the car lacking the excitement and enthusiasm you'd had when heading out this morning.

You think to yourself about the stock pile of goods you now have and if ANYONE on Etsy, eBay or otherwise, will appreciate your work for what it is.  Now what?  Do you look for another fair/show?
Do you go to bed for 3 weeks occasionally getting up to use the bathroom or grab some pizza rolls and Ben&Jerry's?  Do you load Etsy and have a heck of a sale?

Me?  I loaded Etsy, marked things down and started a facebook page.

I thought I'd share with you some other folks thoughts and experiences through a link to a wonderful blog that I found when I was discouraged earlier in the year off the heels of - yep - another craft fair.

Check out all the comments below her post as well....  See, you're not alone.  ;)

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