Saturday, June 9, 2012

I finished a baby quilt yesterday and finally got it listed up on my Etsy store.
Not bad for only the second quilt I've ever made that is not a rag quilt.
(I might be getting the hang of this)

I don't feel well today so I'm not going to post the pictoral progress that
I recorded throughout the making of the quilt but will do that tomorrow hopefully.

I will also have the pictures of how I closed the binding.

For now though, I am posting just to check in and assure that I have not gone awol
from my blog.

Here are pictures of the front and back of the quilt:

The front is an x's and o's pattern with a frame of strips and the back has an x and o for a hug and a kiss ;) It ended up being 35" x 35" square.
(and I only broke 8 needles meandering)
(cringe- I'll explain later) 
 On a positive note:
The polyester thread worked beautifully.

I would adore your thoughts on
what you think of the added strips on the front
and if it was too much extra on the back and also...
      How you price your quilts?!

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