Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sewing Slump...How long do these things last anyway?!

New Day, new chance to get past the sewing slump I have found myself in for well over a couple of weeks now. 

The biggest thing that upsets me about this odd lost feeling I'm swimming in is that I am disappointing myself. 

I know I want to sew.
I am not suffering from a lack of fabrics by any stretch, even searched the internet to find others who have posted about this same situation and am glad that it is not an uncommon phenomenon.

I tried to sew for Mother's Day and then again yesterday.
Didn't like anything I made or how they turned out.
Completely uninspired.

As one of my phone friends up in Chicago would say:
"Girl - You are a HOT MESS!"

So a little more coffee, some venting to you and I believe I've set my sights on a rag purse with a
zipper lining.  (and perhaps an outer pocket that snaps shut)
Maybe another tutorial....

Anyone else in a slump lately?

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