Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Middle of the week, just finished my first pieced quilt and am waiting for my 505 spray to come in so that I can try my hand at stippling on something larger than a pot holder sized practice piece...
The 505 spray came in and I won't ever try to quilt without it - ever!
Love this stuff.  It's true what they say about the spray holding every layer together like it was one 
single piece.  A definite must have when first learning to quilt.
So here is my finished baby blanket -also on Etsy.  (once again, the lighting is off)

While waiting, I set the quilt top, batting and backing aside and made another strippy table runner and this time I added a couple of mug rugs
(appearently these things are quite popular and I've not been sticking my head out of my rabbit hole enough to follow such things)
I used Lecien and Kaufman fabrics and listed them in my Etsy store as a set. (update: sold on eBay;)

Today I'll work on a strippy pillow with a twist.  Sometimes I get inspiration from something that has nothing to do with quilting or sewing in the least.  But other times I get inspired by something awesome that someone else had a notion to create before I ever happened along.  Either way, it keeps me at the sewing machine and computer - two places I love being :)

Going to practice some free motion stippling on my Singer home sewing machine.

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