Sunday, July 11, 2010


To tell the truth, I'd get a lot more living in were it not for my love of procrastination...
(My cousin Mark says that life has a funny way of getting in the way of living).
Who knew hair-stylists were so philosophical?
I have a lot of loves. (besides my family)
Food, birds, flowers, sewing, digitizing, photography, soapmaking - 
speaking of which, these are oatmeal milk n honey soaps below,
that I made when the gift basket itch took hold years ago.

You name it, I've tried to dabble in it.
Well, not everything - that's overdoing it a bit - but pretty much anything that involves hands-on crafting.
This blog is a way for me to see what my pattern of project hopping looks like in real time.
(maybe I can get a handle on the beast)

Just got finished with a dress and an outfit for my grandaughter and my waffle iron came from Walmart online yesterday so now I'll be jumping off the sewing machine chair and into an apron with God knows what for ingredients (I know Madigascar vanilla beans will be incorporated in there somewhere if not in the cupcakes I'll be attempting soon as well ........ Mmmmmm.... Cupcakes....)   I'll try and share info, recipes and pictures of the good the bad and the inevitably ugly - as are most things when first tried.

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